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You only see it when you realize it

Leadership questions / Business coaching cases

NL brings together new, 'proven successful' ideas, methods and initiatives around leadership and strengthens them for you personally and in a team. We are there for leaders who are willing to explore the extremes of their comfort zone and take a fresh look at themselves and their business.

''The soft skills are always harder than the hard skills''

Examples of Leadership Questions and Dilemmas:

  • Do I currently have enough self-knowledge to be an effective leader?

  • How do I get my people on board to achieve the business objectives?

  • How can I get more out of my personal and business ambitions and goals?

  • How can I gain more insight into my own "purpose" and that of the organization?

  • How can I adjust my behavior in a balanced way in terms of the necessary soft and hard skills?

  • What do I need to be more effective in my leadership?

  • I want to take the next step in my career, but how do I do that with conviction?

  • How do others appreciate and experience my leadership style and qualities?

  • Do you experience a gap between what you know and what you can do as a leader?

  • You are stuck and not getting the most out of your life right now and your energy level could be much higher.

  • You are successful on the outside, but you lack the enthusiasm in your work and sometimes feel bored and empty inside.

  • You need to formulate a clear vision and mission that is sustainable and necessary for your organization

  • You need personal meaning, the journey inward, but you don't know how that can work for you?

  • You have to make a few decisions and you want to discuss your dilemma with an independent sounding board.

  • Market conditions change. We have to adapt and want to change, but how do we do that sustainably?

"It takes a lot of courage to say you're insecure sometimes."

Business cases

A young startup company has a great idea for a vintage e-moped,

Design, driving characteristics and the latest innovations etc are processed in a prototype.

Q: How do we start a business? How do we form a team? How will we further develop the product? How do we attract venture capital?

How are we going to organize series production, how do we sell the first 100?

We coach and guide this start-up company on all these aspects for 1 year. Currently 100 units are on the road to the full satisfaction of the first 100 ambassadors and the company is seen as “very valuable and promising” by the e-mobility market and current and new investors.

A fast growing company from Canada working in sustainability in the E-commerce fashion industry needs to formulate and communicate their vision and mission.

In a few sessions we have developed a clear vision and mission based on the purposes of the founders, why they ever started the company?

The vision and mission is a guideline for the founders to concretely shape the growth of the company and important decisions in the field of HR, customers, finance, marketing investors. In the meantime, we do refreshment sessions and advise as “trusted” advisor from the Advisory Council

The company now has 25 FTE in Canada, NL and India and doubles their turnover every year, despite Corona.

A successful advertising agency wants to achieve autonomous, accelerated growth and comes to the conclusion that the leadership of the agency needs renewal.

In a single session with the partners, a new scenario is sketched, whereby with the help of a financial advisor the existing shareholder relationships are said goodbye. One of the partners decides to continue his future outside the company and the current two partners develop a growth scenario , which is currently being worked out

Patience, respect, empathy and insight into each other's personal and financial interests have ensured a future-proof transition

A renowned family business in the steel construction industry wants to develop a future scenario for the next generation.

Succession, transfer of tasks and responsibilities and a new leadership structure are outlined. Open communication, collaboration and the restoration of trust are being professionalised at board level, at organizational and at shareholder level.

All wishes, possibilities and impossibilities are discussed under the guidance of an objective New Leadership coach in a safe and confidential atmosphere, both in team sessions and 1 on 1.

We are currently supporting the family members and management in adapting to future-oriented leadership, personal and professional development and implementation of changes within the organization

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